Senior Year Timeline

September-January Apply to college. Meet with your college advisor to plan your college applications. Most applications are due in mid- winter.
September-January Find and apply for Scholarships and Grants. Using the internet, the libraries, or your college advisor, investigate scholarships that might work for you. Keep the scholarship deadlines in mind. If you miss them, they’re gone.
January Fill out and mail your FAFSA. Your FAFSA form should be processed within two weeks.
February-April Wait for college admission, and to see what financial aid amount your college can provide. Respond to your college offer of admission and financial aid.
April-May Apply for PLUS Loan and Stafford Loan if you need additional financial aid beyond the amount your college can provide. Contact StuFund for fast and easy applications
May With information about how much financial aid you’ll receive, and how much you’ll get from PLUS Loans and Stafford Loans, make up the difference by applying for private loans. Contact StuFund for fast and easy applications
June Go over your finances to make sure everything lines up. Review your budget, making sure to budget for housing, food, travel, and books. Don’t forget to include moving expenses in your budget, if appropriate.
July-August Enjoy your summer! School starts in the Fall.

If you have any questions along the way, give StuFund a call. From the smallest questions to the most complicated problems, we’re here to help. Student Funding Group 106 Allen Road

Liberty Corner, NJ 07938